BeF Flat Twin   

Exclusive series of double sided fireplaces which is lately very popular and desired among our customers. The tunnel effect which these fireplaces create is a great way to connect two rooms. This series also offers double sided fireplace inserts with one full door (marked with letter N) which is suitable for adding fuel from technical room. At the door with glass you always have a choice whether you want classic opening to the side or our new modern lifting door. With this range of different finishes we believe that truly everyone will choose a suitable fireplace for him.

Big view on fire an output optimized for low energetic houses are one of the main advantages of these models. Thanks to its depth these inserts are very undemanding in the terms of space which is needed to build the surroundings of the fireplace. Fireplace inserts BeF Flat Twin meet the strictest ecologic and technical standards which only underline the exceptionality and sophistication of this series. Fireplace inserts are made from high quality steel construction in the combination with accumulation material Carcon (bottom in white color, side parts in black color). The efficiency of 84% only proves that this series is the real peak in the field of fireplaces.

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