Optim 8 CP

 Optim 8 CP
Technical data Fireplace inserts
Output6-10 kW
Flue diameter200 mm
Dimension845x520, 375x520 mm
Weight152 kg
Flue-gas temperature377 °C
length logs60 cm

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Detaily produktu

Detail - CARCON detail - Removable ashtray detail - simple air detail - the entry of external air

 Optim 8 CP
  • Whole cast iron insert, grate lined with special accumulating material CARCON – long, high quality burning and fuel saving
  • Corner glass – one piece bent glass
  • External air income
  • Depth adjustable frame in standard
  • IFT – special frame and door profile for directing and leading air
  • Deeper hearth with aerodynamic barrier for comfortable service and high quality combustion
  • Stand integrated