Trend V 10 CP

 Trend V 10 CP
Technical data Fireplace inserts
Output8-14.5 kW
Flue diameter200 mm
Dimension1040x640x545 mm
Size of the glassneni mm
Weight265 kg
Flue-gas temperature302,3 °C
length logs65 cm



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Adjustable feet detail - ashtray

Recommended accessories

 Trend V 10 CP
  • One piece corner bent glass,large-profile glass
  • New vertical system of door which guarantees maximal tightness and comfort (door slides downwards and automatically push towards the frame in the bottom position which guarantees maximal tightness).
  • Galvanized covering in standard. There is only needed to order 4 flanges with 150 mm diameter for connecting to the pipes
  • Steel hearth (firebox) lined with special accumulation material Carcon:
    • Long and clean burning
    • Low emission
    • Clean glass
    • High efficiency
    • Fuel saving
  • External air input (possible to connect automatical regulation of burning)
  • Easy regulation of combustion air
  • Grate hearth with large ash tray
  • Four- side frame 1x90° in standard,adjustable depth
  • Service opening for cleaning of the glass