Warm water fireplace insert B 730 Aqua

Now we offer the warm water fireplace insert Blanzek Aqua 730 with a coolant loop. It is a safety equipment which protects the insert against overheating and against indirect damages.

13.8. 2007

! Factory holiday !

We would like to inform our business partners and customers that from 2nd to 6th July, 2007 the company will be closed because of the factory holiday.

Thank you for understanding.

28.6. 2007

Novelty – Fireplace set

Would you like to buy a new fireplace and you are scared of a lot of work connected with it? Choose our new fireplace set.

20.4. 2007

Why Firebricks?

Fireplace inserts with firebricks fulfil the economy and ecology requirements.

8.3. 2007

Dear customers and business partners

We would like to inform you that from 1st April, 2007the prices of fireplace inserts, surrounds and accessories will be changed.

29.1. 2007