Technical data


BEF HOME NETWORK T-METER is the basic module of the whole BEF HOME NETWORK concept. It allows you to measure the burning temperature in real time and alerts you when the fireplace starts to go out and needs to stoke-up. The application displays a graph of the burning process and the current temperature.

To use T-METER, the BEF HOME application must be installed.

T-METER requires a connection to a temperature probe, which is located 5 cm above the connection of the flue of your BEF fireplace insert to the flue. The probe is installed by your chimney sweepr or fireplace dealer. After connecting the module to the temperature probe and the mains voltage adapter, the T-METER is set up within a simple user interface.

• Easy to install and operate

• Suitable for installation in all types of BEF fireplace inserts

• Clear display of combustion data, including the current temperature and a graph of the combustion process

• The package includes a mains adapter, temperature probe, T-METER module and instructions

• Overview of the temperature and course of combustion anytime anywhere

• Helps you save fuel and heat more efficiently