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    Bank holiday 2020

    Dear business partners and customers,
    We would like to inform you, that we are closed from 27.7. until 7.8.2020 because of bank holidays. We will be there for you on 10.8.2020 again.
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    1. July 2020

    ! NOTICE !

    Dear customers and business partners, since February 1st 2020, we adjust our working and operating hours in the company as follows:

    showroom: Monday to Thursday from 6 am to 4 pm

    dispatch / warehouse: Monday to Thursday from 6.00 to 15.30

    The showroom and the company will be closed on Friday.

    27. January 2020

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    Why buy our fireplace inserts

    Fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves

    If you decide to buy our fireplace insert or design stoves you will be ranked among 120 000 satisfied users who cherish not only the timeless design but also unprecedented quality. Considering that our fireplace insert and stoves contain over 100 unique dimensions and designs we are able to satisfy even the most demanding wishes of our customers. Modern innovative design of fireplace inserts and stoves BeF Home belongs among the best on the world market.

    Best quality fireplaces

    The proof of exclusivity of our fireplace inserts and stoves is the fact that more than 65% of all production goes for export to the most demanding world markets. All of the hot water and hot air fireplace inserts and stoves meet the most strict technical standards which are currently applied.

    Come and see our fireplaces

    You can be absolutely sure that every single one of our 100 fireplace inserts made every day is subjected to the most strict quality check directly on our production line. Since all of our fireplaces and stoves are produced exclusively in our factory we can be sure that even the tiniest element is checked multiple time during the whole production process. It doesn’t matter whether it is hot air fireplace insert, hot water fireplace insert or stoves, one thing is certain – we will always make the maximum effort to bring you absolute precision of the final product.

    For the production of our cast iron fireplace inserts we use only the high quality German cast iron. In case of steel fireplace inserts we use the top quality heat corten resistant steel from the best world producers. To make sure that the inside of fireplace would be as quality as the fireplace insert’s body, we use accumulation material Carcon which was designed directly for our company as the filling of fireplace insert’s furnace. Heat resistant glass which is an integral part is naturally purchased from the best producers as well. Because of the quality of material used in a manufacture process we can be absolutely certain that our customers will get only the highest quality which can the current market offer.

    All of the 200 employees of company BeF Home, which produce fireplaces for 15 years, do their job with knowing that our fireplace inserts aren’t meant to be just economic heater but mainly to bring cozy atmosphere into the homes of our customers. We sincerely hope that our fireplaces and stoves will meet all the expectation which the customer have regarding both the initial realization realization but mainly regarding long term satisfied use of our fireplace with no troubles at all.

    All the values which exist in BeF Home company shared with profesionally trained dealers of our products which are always available to you with creating the design of the whole fireplace surrounding and as well with its realization and fireplace insert or stove installation. They are all experts in their field who will gladly help you with the choice, placing, final design and anything else that you can think of regarding our fireplace inserts and stoves. Our effort is to follow the modern trends of heating in the terms of most demanding products which meet the most strict technological and ecological standards. Recently it was mainly fireplace inserts suitable to low energetic houses and new modern design stoves.

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