Czech quality and gold Czech hands

Bef Home, s.r.o. company – was founded in 1998 and is the first company in the Czech Republic which has started the production of very popular cast iron inserts called Blanzek. In Kotvrdovice, approximately 30 km from Brno, we have built up modern production zone which has replaced the initial short-run production.

The production is characterized by high-level automatization and robotization in the production processes. We are focused not only on precious workshop process, but also on material and components choice and first- rate quality. The essential majority of our subdeliveries comes from Germany.

Due to more than 200 qualified co-operators, most up-to-date technologies, proper manufacturing and structural capacity, BeF Home produces over 14 000 fireplace inserts per year.

High quality technical and personal background guarantees high quality of our products which are in accordance with the strictest European norms. More than 75% of our production is exported all over the world.