Glass flat glass       corner glass       rounded       rounded corner      
Flue diameter 150mm       180mm       200mm       250mm      
length logs 40cm       45cm       50cm       55cm       60cm       65cm       95cm       100cm      

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The classic open fireplace made of bricks or stones was a traditional solution in the houses of the last century. Today's interiors deserve much more. For this reason, we have created a series of fireplace cassettes that are used for the reconstruction of open fireplaces into closed furnace without complicated and costly disassembly. In addition, this safe solution greatly increases the efficiency of combustion, reduces fuel consumption and prolongs the interval between wood loading. The BeF Effi series is one of the most modern and advanced cassettes that the current market offers, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. Thanks to its practical processing it can be installed in any type of existing open fireplace and its functional, clean design ensures that the entire result will act very modern and elegant. The high efficiency and purity of combustion ensures, as with fireplace inserts, a good quality storage material Carcon and an easily removable deflector. The supply and distribution of air in the cassette is provided by the electronic fan. The cassette also has a glass cleaning system designed specifically for it. Its versatility also underscores the adjustable cover frame and stabilizing elements, which are accessible from the furnace.

Fireplace cassette BeF Effi 6S

Fireplace cassette BeF Effi 6S

Nominal heat output:5 kW