BeF Kompakt Feel 6 CP

BeF Kompakt Feel 6 CP – view from the left

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BeF Kompakt Feel 6 CP

New range of compact fireplace inserts with covering, which allows operation as a stove. It features optimized performance, designed for low energy houses. BeF Kompakt Feel is a unique stove where you can design your own look to make it a stylish addition to the interior. You can choose from eight types of casing color combinations, from three color variants for carcons and you can also choose the handle style. Their large windows allows a comfortable view of the fire. Compact fireplace inserts BeF Feel with covering, which allows operation as a stove. Innovative glass rinsing and spotless glass. The air is guided through the back of the heating chambers. These provide a higher supply air temperature for the glass rinse and slower flow. Optimized shape of Carcon combusting chambers which was developed based on aerodynamic model. The most massive storage material on the market, which is up to 100% more massive than older types. But it also has a much larger accumulation capability, it lasts heated up to 12 hours. A structured active surface of Carcons catches particular particles with subsequent combustion. The external air supply allows the connection of an electronic combustion control. Simple control with one element and handle covered in genuine leather.

Technical data

Nominal heat output

5 kw


84 %

Flue diameter

150 mm


626x1205x427 mm


167 kg


Virtuální prohlídka

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